Rotate MD-80 Update v1.20

Rotate MD-80 v1.20 has been released

Version 1.20 is already available for purchase here. This version includes several improvements and some fixes. The most relevant new feature is the TCAS system. It has been modeled to resemble the modern TCAS II v7, with TA/RA visual and aural advisories, integrated in the VSI and Weather radar instruments. …

Rotate MD-80 v1.11

Rotate MD-80 v1.11 is available

The version 1.11 is now available for purchase (free update for v1.0 owners). It solves most of the issues detected in v1.0 …

MD-80 Screenshot 47

MD-80v1.0 Feature list

The release version of the MD-80v1.0 will include these features: Flight characteristics: Precise flight model. Fine tuned engine performance. Developed with the …

MD-80 Screenshot 45b

MD-80 Coming soon

We are pleased to announce that the Rotate MD-80 will be released in the next few days. The next pictures show the …

MD-80 Video excerpt

MD-80 Procedures Part 1

Video showing the operation of the MD-80 from “cold & dark”. This first part will cover the cockpit preparation and engines start.

MD-80 Allegiant livery

MD-80 Liveries II

The second round of liveries is here. With this, you can now have an idea of the complete ten livery set, prepared …

MD-80 Alitalia livery

MD-80 Liveries

The MD-80 release will include ten liveries of the most popular companies that have used this aircraft in the real world. Of …

MD-80 Screenshot 36

MD-80 Latest additions

Here some of the additions we have made lately to the MD-80. The Navigation Display is already functional, thus completing the main …