FMS is up in the Rotate MD-11

After a few months of silent work, we can now show some screenshots featuring the MCDUs. Around 30 individual pages were put in the roadmap, and most of them are already operative. Some of the most relevant pages are shown here on these screenshots.

We have advanced a lot in the FMCs and FCCs, continuing with the dual cockpit approach. The autopilot is now waiting for tuning. We are preparing now to address the few pages and functions that you will miss on this publication: the performance related pages which are part of our next milestone, along with aerodynamics and navigation.

As can be seen in the images, MCDUs can be independently connected to onside/offside FMCs, or together to the STBY NAV/RAD mode. Both primary and secondary flight plans are available, as well as alternative destination flight plan and the possibility to enter custom user waypoints.

Here the screenshots.

MD-11 Screenshot-v0.27-01 MD-11 Screenshot-v0.27-02 MD-11 Screenshot-v0.27-03 MD-11 Screenshot-v0.27-04 MD-11 Screenshot-v0.27-MD-11 Screenshot-v0.27-05 MD-11 Screenshot-v0.27-06 MD-11 Screenshot-v0.27-07