MD-80 Feature list

As promised, here is a more detailed feature list of our MD-80. Some of the listed systems are already functional and have a more complete enumeration, some others are still work in progress, and we will get into further detail shortly. It is important to notice that this is not a definitive list. It will be updated an revised as the work develops.

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MD80 screenshot 05

Flight characteristics:
Precise flight model, developed with the help of two MD-80 pilots.

Custom systems. This list includes only those systems that have been/are being developed for the MD-80, that is to say, only the custom systems are listed here. Characteristics of the aircraft that remain as they are in X Plane by default are not listed.

Engine starting and ignition system
Thrust reversers
Thrust rating panel

Electrical system:
APU power system with simulated startup logic
AC/DC two buses generating and distribution system
AC/DC loads and x-tie
Battery and bus monitor system
Emergency power system
Ground power

Pneumatic system:
Ground operation pneumatics
In-flight pneumatics
X-feed domain logic and pressure indicator
AC distribution pressure and temperature indicators
AC system with cockpit and cabin temperature controls
Cabin pressure control panel
Auto and manual modes with take off and landing controls

Automatic flight, navigation and FMS:
Improved autopilot with specific modes
Flight mode annunciator
IRS modes
FMS: Flight planing, navigation (with SIDs and STARs), performance management, airplane guidance and flight progress monitoring
Accurate navigation instruments and displays

Hyperrealistic visuals:
Highly detailed 3D cockpit and exterior model, with accurate animations
Thorough HD texture work
Cockpit lighting, including flood, panel, digital and instrument backlight controls

Custom sounds.