MD-80v1.0 Feature list

The release version of the MD-80v1.0 will include these features:

Flight characteristics:
Precise flight model.
Fine tuned engine performance.
Developed with the help of two MD-80 pilots.

Custom systems.
Engine starting and ignition system
Thrust reversers
Thrust Rating Panel

Electrical system:
APU power system with simulated start-up logic
AC/DC two buses generating and distribution system
AC/DC loads and x-tie
Battery and bus monitor system
Emergency power system
Ground Power Unit

Pneumatic system:
Ground operation pneumatics
In-flight pneumatics
X-feed domain logic and pressure indicator
AC distribution pressure and temperature indicators
AC system with cockpit and cabin temperature controls
Cabin pressure control panel
Auto and manual modes with take off and landing controls

Automatic flight, navigation and FMS:
IRS alignment rutine, NAV and ATT modes
Improved autopilot with specific modes
Speed modes: SPD and MACH sel. EPR LIM. FMS OVRD
Horizontal Navigation: NAV, VOR/LOC, ILS
Vertical navigation: VERT SPD, IAS/MACH, VNAV, ALT HLD
Fixed range Weather Radar
All autopilot readouts simulated
Flight mode annunciator
All EPR modes and performance management tuned up
Flight planing, navigation, performance management and airplane guidance.
FMS pages: IDENT; POS INIT with IRS position; RTE with option for VIA and DIRECT selection and discountinuity detection; LEGS with insertion and deletion capabilities; DIRect TO waypoint; DEPartures and ARRivals pages with SIDs and STARs (third party database included); PERF INIT with fuel loads, cost index and altitude realistic calculations; ECON CLB with estimated times and restrictions; ECON CRZ; ECON PATH and SPD DEScent modes with deviation monitoring and DES NOW option for early descent; TAKEOFF REF and APPROACH REF with automatic Vs calculation
HLD and PROG pages are not simulated
Custom PFD and ND
Accurate navigation instruments and displays
TCAS is not simulated

Flap handle with original DIAL-A-FLAP selection wheel
Vertical trim control with take-off condition computer
Hide yoke mode

Hyperrealistic visuals:
Highly detailed 3D cockpit, passenger cabin and exterior model, with accurate animations
Precise wing flex animation
Thorough 4K texture work
Normal maps
10 High quality liveries (Air Liberté, Alitalia, Allegiant, American Airlines, British Island Airlines Delta Airlines 1, Delta Airlines 2, German Wings, Iberia, Scandinavian Airlines)
Cockpit crew modelled
Paint-Kit 4K

Cockpit flood lamps and thunderstorm lights
Cockpit instruments, text and digital lights
Panel flood lights
Overhead panel flood light
Wing lights with off, on and deployed positions, and nose lights
Nav, strobe and anti-collision lights
Exterior flood lights, wing and nacelle lights.

Custom 3D sound engine
Custom sounds, including engines, cockpit sounds, “B. Betty” and systems