Rotate MD-11 v1.07 released

We have released the latest Rotate MD-11 v1.07, with many improvements and fixes, and fully compatible with X-Plane 12. With the same purchase you get a copy compatible with X-Plane 11 as well.

Rotate MD-11 UPS 01

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Fixed and New in Rotate MD-11 v1.07

  • Improved LNAV trajectory calculations.
  • Fixed various issues found in SID/STAR procedures LNAV display and guidance.
  • Improved VNAV flight path calculations and guidance.
  • Implemented flight path interception after early descent command.
  • Fixed a bug in performance predictions due to ISA deviation influence.
  • Fixed some FMA modes display during descent and approach.
  • Improved deceleration distance calculations.
  • Improved thrust prediction during IDLE configuration.
  • Fixed a bug affecting V/S mode when flying with speedbrakes extended.
  • Fixed a bug in AFS not acquiring VCL target after acceleration phase.
  • Added FMC GO AROUND page.
  • Fixed a bug in AIRWAYS page.
  • Made throttle and reverser hardware configuration more user friendly.
  • Added support for throttle beta/reverse axis configuration.
  • Allow brake commands and toe-brakes to work together.
  • Improved product license check to eliminate unnecessary activation requests.
  • Fixed altitude clearance enforcement in T/O CLAMP mode.
  • Fixed center landing gear geometry.
  • Fixed landing gear bogie tilt.
  • Fixed a bug in navaids auto-tuning system.
  • Fixed a bug in Fuel Tail Management System.
  • Fixed a bug in temperature dissipation through Fuel System components.
  • Fixed a bug in engine EGT indication.
  • Fixed a bug in ILS selection by frequency in NAV/RAD page.
  • Fixed a bug in Autobrake ARM TO warning.
  • Fixed a bug in CG calculation (XP12 only).
  • Fixed aircraft sometimes sitting on tail on startup.
  • Fixed indications in ND during ND alignment.
  • Fixed WXR RNG and TLT indications logic.
  • Fixed flight time indication logic.
  • Fixed a bug in FIX reference info radial.
  • Fixed a bug in deletion function deleting the wrong waypoint.
  • Fixed a bug in HDG bug arc command.
  • Fixed a bug in AFS that prevented transition from LOC ARM back to NAV.
  • Fixed a bug in overspeed protection.
  • Include FMC slope/wind FMC fields in Situations presets.
  • Fixed a bug in HDG bug indication during LOC mode.
  • Fixed a bug in ND aircraft icon during TRK mode.
  • Fixed a bug that affected reception and audio control of navaids morse signals.
  • Fixed TCAS symbols showing outside the HDG arc in ND.
  • Added dashes to altimeter readout above +/- 3000fpm.
  • Removed navaid information in ND for auto-tuned navaids.
  • Fixed a bug in CAB PRESS RATE indication.
  • Improved compatibility with Better PushBack plugin.
  • Fixed problem with VRAM usage in VR floating windows.
  • Tuned exterior and cockpit lights (XP12 only).
  • Improved wing-flex animation.
  • Removed excessive dirtiness from engine smoke.
  • Fixed animations in copilot MCDU keys.
  • Fixed some visual errors in cockpit.