Rotate MD-80 v1.40 Pro is out


This version includes some new major features like the FIX page of the FMS, and a Pop-up Menu, with Fuel & Load page and Ground Operations page. All performance and predictions routines have been updated to match the improvements in X-Plane 11.11. This version also has improved the engine’s parameters and includes many other minor improvements and some bug-fixes. Get it here.

The FIX page will allow the pilot to monitor flight progress in relation to fixes/bearings external to the programmed route, and obtain the expected ETA and Altitude at these points.

The Pop-up Menu provides the means to program and manage the load of Fuel, Cargo and Passengers, as well as managing the doors and other Ground Services like GPU and GPS. All load information is processed according to the original MD-88 Weight and Balance Manual. You will be able to predict your weights and center of gravity for takeoff and landing, as well as a preliminary flight range and time calculation for the entered trip fuel.

Rotate MD-80v1.40 Pro. Screenshot 02.

And here the complete feature list:

Flight characteristics:

  • Precise flight model
  • Fine tuned engine performance
  • Developed with the help of two MD-80 pilots

Custom systems:


  • Accurate PW-JT8D-219 model
  • Engine Starting and Ignition System
  • Engine Oil System
  • Fuel Distribution, Heat and Quantity Indication
  • Thrust Reversers
  • Automatic Reserve Thrust
  • Thrust Rating Panel
  • Engine Display Panel
  • Systems Display Panel

Electrical System:

  • Power Generating and Distribution System
  • Battery and bus monitor system
  • Emergency Power System
  • Ground Power Unit

Hydraulic System:

  • Rudder and Elevator HYD/MAN operation
  • Ground Pneumatic System
  • Reversers and Brakes Accumulators

Air System:

  • Pneumatics
  • Air Conditioning and Distribution with Ground Operation and In-flight Pneumatics
  • Cockpit and Cabin Temperature Control
  • APU On-Ground Air Conditioning
  • Airplane Pressurization
  • Ground Pressure Supply for on ground A/C operation

Automatic Flight, navigation and FMS:

  • Dual IRS alignment rutine, NAV and ATT modes
  • Custom LNAV and VNAV. Climb, cruise and descend management with altitude and speed restrictions. ARINC424 instructions support
  • Performance management, with complete VNAV profile calculation, including T/C, T/D, and time, fuel and altitude predictions
  • Lateral Navigation: NAV, VOR/LOC, ILS
  • Vertical Navigation: VNAV, VERT SPD, IAS/MACH, ALT HLD
  • Speed modes: SPD and MACH sel, EPR LIM, FMS OVRD
  • All autopilot readouts simulated
  • Flight Mode Annunciator
  • All EPR modes
  • Flight planning, navigation, performance management and airplane guidance
  • FMS pages:
    • IDENT
    • POS INIT
    • RTE page with VIA and DIRECT selection, DISContinuity detection and CO ROUTE
    • LEGS with insertion and deletion capabilities and RTE DATA
    • DIRect TO waypoint
    • DEPartures and ARRivals pages with SIDs and STARs (third party database included)
    • PERFormance page with BURN SCHED, WIND/TEMP corrections and calculated remaining fuel
    • CLIMB page with estimated times and restrictions and CLB DIR function
    • CRUISE page
    • DESCENT page with SPEED/PATH, DES NOW and DES DIR modes
    • TAKEOFF REF and APPROACH REF with automatic V-Speeds calculation
    • HOLD page with entry pattern calculation and Present POS
    • PROGRESS pages with pilot selectable waypoint
    • FIX page with ABEAM function
  • Save and load route options
  • Aircraft Management page
  • Custom PFD and ND with curved transitions and MAG/TRU operation
  • Accurate navigation instruments and displays
  • Weather Radar and TCAS with TA/RA advisories

Pop-up Menu:

  • Ground operations page, with GPU/GPS request, doors management, and fuel/cargo/passengers load functions
  • Fuel & Load page, with load stations according to Weight & Balance manual
  • Weight & Balance section, with accurate custom CG computing, and Weight/CG predictions for Takeoff and Landing

Complete Engine Fire Detection and Extinguishing simulation

Simulated Tests:
DFGC, Altitude, Engine Fire, APU Fire, GPWS, Windshear, Flight Recorder, Voice Recorder, TCAS, Brake Temp, Stall, Anti-Skid, LED/Annunciators


  • Slat/Flap controls with Dial-a-Flap selection wheel
  • Vertical trim control with Take-off Condition Computer
  • Hide yoke option

Hyperrealistic visuals:

  • Highly detailed 3D cockpit, passenger cabin and exterior model, with accurate animations
  • Accurate control surfaces animations with control tabs. Precise wing flex animation
  • Thorough 4K texture work
  • Normal and specular maps
  • 10 High quality liveries (Air Liberté, Alitalia, Allegiant, American Airlines, British Island Airlines Delta Airlines 1, Delta Airlines 2, German Wings, Iberia, Scandinavian Airlines)
  • Cockpit crew modelled
  • Paint-Kit 4K


  • Cockpit flood lamps and thunderstorm lights
  • Cockpit instruments, text and digital lights
  • Panel flood lights
  • Overhead panel flood light
  • Wing lights with off, on and deployed positions, and nose lights
  • Nav, strobe and anti-collision lights
  • Exterior flood lights, wing and nacelle lights.


  • Custom 3D sound engine with stereo and doppler effects
  • High quality multi-layered engine sounds
  • Wind and control surfaces sounds
  • Cockpit sounds: varied switches and knobs, avionics and Air Conditioning, tests and alerts,…