Rotate MD-80 v1.41 released

Rotate MD-80-v1.41

This version includes some improvements and bug fixes.
Here the changelog:

– Improved AP armed modes.
– Added Stabilizer Motion alert.
– Fixed ILS availability during LNAV operation.
– Fixed bug in ap_toggle command.
– Fixed a bug in FD availability logic.
– Fixed a bug in ATS FMA display.
– Adjusted threshold of oil pressure alerts.
– New altitude callout sounds.
– Fixed a bug in trajectory speed evaluation.
– Fixed out of trim situation with extreme forward CG.
– Adjusted Vref speeds for high GW.
– Fixed a bug in array datarefs return value.
– Changed EPR Lim and fuel flow digits.
– Fixed a bug in minimums annunciation.
– Fixed a bug in TAKE OFF mode logic.
– Fixed a bug in burned fuel reset command.
– Fixed a bug in VNAV SPEED DEScent throttle override.
– Fixed a bug in fuel load calculation.
– Fixed a bug in overhead knob sounds.
– Fine tuned minimum value for AAI.