Rotate MD-80 v1.50 beta for X-Plane 12

We have released a public beta version of the Rotate MD-80 for X-Plane 12. This is a compatibility upgrade that allows to run the classic in the new version of the simulator, also including a new set of cockpit and exterior textures, fine tuned flight model and performance, weather effects like rain and ice, cockpit 3D lights, support for VR, as well as other improvements and fixes.

This is the changelog: 

– Compatibility with X-Plane 12.
– New set of cockpit textures and materials. 
– Added 3D lights to the cockpit.
– Upgraded exterior textures and materials.
– Upgraded exterior lights.
– Added windshield rain and ice effects. 
– Added support for VR.
– Added support for high dpi displays.
– Improved weight and balance.
– Upgraded aerodynamics.
– Upgraded engine performance.
– Improved cockpit sounds.
– Improved anti-ice systems.
– Added FMC support for reverse airway lookup.
– Fixed LNAV deviation in long legs.
– Fixed bug that caused (rare) random CTD in ATI drivers.
– Fixed a bug in FMC route loading.
– Added a command to toggle parking brake.
– Fixed a bug in manipulator class.
– Tuned windshield wipers speeds.
– Fixed sunscreens texture.
– Tuned AP roll guidance.
– Updated default navigation database.

This product can be purchased here.