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MD-80, Page 2

MD-80 Video excerpt

MD-80 Procedures Part 1

Video showing the operation of the MD-80 from “cold & dark”. This first part will cover the cockpit preparation and engines start.

MD-80 Liveries II

The second round of liveries is here. With this, you can now have an idea of the complete ten livery set, prepared …

MD-80 Liveries

The MD-80 release will include ten liveries of the most popular companies that have used this aircraft in the real world. Of …

MD-80 Screenshot 36

MD-80 Latest additions

Here some of the additions we have made lately to the MD-80. The Navigation Display is already functional, thus completing the main …

MD-80 Screenshot 31

MD-80 FMS. New pages

We have incorporated several new pages of the FMS. With these aditions, navigation functionality is almost done. Here the screenshots:

MD-80 Screenshot 36

MD-80 Feature list updated

We can now present you the updated feature list, as we promised some time ago. The list is not complete yet, as …

MD-80 Screenshot 21

MD-80 Night textures

The interior model and texture is also reaching a nice degree of detail. Here you can see the status of the cockpit …

MD-80 Screenshot 17

MD-80 Exterior shots

While still working on it, polishing details and developing the plugin, we can already offer you some screenshots of the complete aircraft. …

Rotate MD-80 Promo video

Rotate MD-80 in flight

Time for a ride. We start the MD-80 video section with this tribute to the original aircraft promotion in 1984. We hope …

MD-80 Screenshot 10

MD-80 New details

Hi everyone. We are getting somewhere here. These days we are fine tunning the model and textures, and deep into the systems …